Following brand change from CERS to WORLD SKATE EUROPE logo and designation of the European Confederation, it has been requested to change the communication process of the Technical Committees of each discipline – letters, emails, websites, posters, etc., always including the new designation and the new logo (s).

It has also been requested to ensure that the names of the competitions and their trophies and medals are reviewed in order to promote the “WORLD SKATE EUROPE” brand and permanently delete any reference to the “CERS” brand.

CERILH is then becoming World Skate Europe – In Line Hockey and will start using the new branding, starting be its website. Our goal is to be in a position of making this change for the start of our new season.

Attached are the World Skate Branding Guidelines and Manual and I ask you all to keep in mind the following:

  • All disciplines logos will fol low the same principles as the World Skate Europe logo alone
  • Use of any stylized, animated, hand drawn or other versions of an unofficial logo is not permitted
  • All promotional and advertising World Skate Europ e material shou ld be submitted prior to the development of artwork.